Advanced Aesthetics has offered our patients the advanced outcomes seen through VBEAM Laser technologies since 2005. The Candela VBEAM is a pulsed dye laser designed to treat vascular lesions without harming the surrounding skin. . VBEAM is indicated for the treatment of abnormal vessels found in spider veins, angiomas, red birthmarks (port wine stains), and rosacea. VBEAM is also approved for the treatment of warts, scars, and bruises along with photodamage resulting in red pigmentation to the face, neck, or chest.

The Vbeam is a highly efficient PDL used by healthcare providers all over the world to treat a variety of indications for both face and body with high patient tolerability and a low incidence of side effects. The Vbeam has been long considered a "gold standard" for the device based treatment of rosacea, and has also been successfully used for the treatment of port wine stains and vascular anomalies in infants, as well as adults.
ments often last 3 to 4 months.

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What is to be expected from VBEAM treatment?

A VBEAM treatment is typically not painful enough to require topical analgesics. Most patients describe an increased sensation of heat during the treatment. The laser feels like a hot and cold burst, similar to a rubber band hitting the skin. Immediately following treatment, it is possible for patients to experience a sensation of warmth/heat, redness and swelling in the treatment areas; these common side effects can persist for a few days following the treatment. Bruising is also an expected side effect due to the vessels present in the areas being treated, typically the bruising will subside in 5-7 days.


Who is not a good candidate for VBEAM laser treatment?

  • Patients currently undergoing Accutane treatment or recent cycle of Accutane (6 months)
  • Patients who are currently pregnant

How much is the cost of VBEAM laser treatment?

  • The cost of VBEAM laser treatments is priced per area and per treatment. Prices range from $100-$425 per treatment. Appropriate and accurate pricing can be given after consultation with on of our trained providers.

What are the results from the VBEAM laser treatment?

Because all individuals are different, it is not possible to completely predict the results from the VBEAM laser treatments. Complete clearance may not be achievable depending on the type, age and color of the lesion. In most cases, a series of treatments is needed for maximum results. Patient follow through following a laser skin treatment procedure is important. Post operative instructions concerning appropriate restriction of activity, use of appropriate skin care, and use of sun protection need to be followed in order to avoid potential complications, increased pain, and unsatisfactory results.