Laser Hair Removal

Advanced Aesthetics has been the home to the safest & most effective Laser Hair Removal treatments for men and women for over 20 years. We also welcome transgender hair removal at our Medical Spa. Our practice has three different laser hair removal lasers - all three from the industry's gold standard in laser hair removal - Candela Medical. Candela Medical offers a success built on two decades of innovation to deliver results you can trust and the versatility you need. Candela’s GentleMax Pro®, Gentlelase Pro™, and GentleYAG® devices are used in our office to perform permanent laser hair reduction. The advantage in offering these different platforms allows our providers to properly treat all skin types and most hair types.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive laser treatment designed to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body. The laser device works by emitting pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and destroy hair follicles while the device’s handpiece cools the surrounding skin.


What results should I expect from Laser Hair Removal?

The goal of laser hair removal is to treat each hair when it’s entering an active growth cycle. Because of this, it is imperative that patients stick to the suggested laser hair removal schedule. If patients stray from the laser hair removal schedule suggested by the provider, maximum results will likely not be achieved and/or additional treatments will be necessary. After the first treatment in most cases the patient will see a slight reduction of hair production, however to maintain these results most patients will require at least 6- 8 treatments performed every 5-6 weeks to achieve maximal results. Since every hair is in a different phase of its growth cycle, we need to treat and retreat the same hairs for success. Post treatment, it generally takes 7-10 days for treated hairs to fall out. However, in some cases it can take as many as 21 days for all of the hairs to fall out of the treatment area. Complete clearance may not be achievable depending on skin type, hormone levels and hereditary influences. In all cases, a series of treatments is needed for maximum results and maintenance treatments are usually required 1-3 times a year.

What is the treatment time for Laser Hair Removal?

The procedure is relatively swift - 15 minute average for smaller areas, 45 minute average for larger areas, with both having minimal downtime. Laser Hair Removal is typically not painful enough to require topical analgesics. Most patients describe an increased sensation of heat or stinging during the treatment. The laser feels like a hot and cold burst, similar to a rubber band hitting the skin. Immediately following treatment, patients can experience heat, redness and swelling in the treatment area(s). These common side effects typically subside within a few hours but can persist up to a couple of days.

What is the price of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal sessions are priced based on the area treated per treatment. Prices for small areas (upper lip, chin) start at $100. per treatment and range to large areas (full legs, full back) at $550 per treatment. Most patients will require at least 6- 8 treatments performed every 5-6 weeks to achieve maximal results.

Who is not a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

  • Patients currently undergoing Accutane treatment or recent cycle of Accutane (6 months)
  • Current sunburn or sun exposure in the treatment areas within the past 2 weeks (including spray tan)
  • Pregnant patients
  • Patients with blonde, grey, or light red hair in the treatment area
  • Active infection in treatment area

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