Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a normal and healthy function our body conducts to cool down effectively. However, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can affect how you look in situations where most people barely break a sweat. Through Advanced Aesthetics’ excessive sweating treatment in OKC, you can minimize those sweat marks and how you present yourself, regardless of temperature.

However, people with hyperhidrosis can sweat even when their body temperature doesn’t need cooling. This can result in a sweaty forehead, hands, feet, and underarms – even if the rest of the body is just fine. On top of the embarrassing sweat drippings and sweat stains, it can also make you more vulnerable to skin infections from the moisture.

At Advanced Aesthetics, we can provide personalized solutions for excessive sweating treatment in OKC. Before exploring more complicated surgical options, you can manage your sweat glands through our minimally invasive solutions delivered by experienced aesthetic professionals in our state-of-the-art facility.

What Treatment Is Offered for Excessive Sweating?

Advanced Aesthetics offers treatment plans designed by professionals and personalized for patients who want to improve their appearance and boost their confidence. For patients seeking excessive sweating treatments in OKC, we can recommend two minimally invasive solutions: miraDry and Botox.

MiraDry is a non-invasive FDA-approved device that uses micro-energy waves to permanently destroy sweat glands in the armpit through heat. Pain is minimal as patients receive local anesthetic and consistent cooling from the device. It doesn’t affect your body’s temperature regulation and only affects sweat glands in the armpits. MiraDry is the only FDA approved device which permanently destroys up to 80-90% of sweat and odor glands with two treatments spaced 3 months apart.

Outside of facial wrinkles, Botox injections can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis. The substance in Botox that blocks muscle movement also blocks the chemicals responsible for stimulating sweat glands, however, it is possible to still experience odor. Results from using Botox for Hyperhidrosis typically last 3-9 months depending on the severity level of the sweat.

What Is the Treatment Time For Excessive Sweating Treatments?

How long it takes to treat hyperhidrosis can vary between patients. Factors like your chosen treatment and the severity of your condition can also affect how many sessions you may need.

  • MiraDry: The entire procedure takes less than two hours. Most patients need two sessions, though more severe cases of excessive sweating may require additional sessions.
  • Botox: Botox injections take less than 30 minutes to administer. Depending on the treatment area, follow-up injections may be required between 3 to 9 months.

What is The Price for Excessive Sweating Treatments?

At Advanced Aesthetics, we offer miraDry treatments at $2,050 per treatment. Two treatments can eliminate up to 80-90% of sweat and odor glands in the armpit, though patients with severe hyperhidrosis may require follow-up treatments.

The price of Botox injections starts at $13.50 per unit. The recommended dosage for Botox injections for hyperhidrosis patients is 50 units per underarm, though factors like the treatment area and size can affect how many units are needed, maintenance is required to maintain results.

Schedule an initial appointment for more information on the number of treatment sessions or units you need. Our in-house aesthetic physicians can discuss your personal needs further.

What Are the Side Effects of Excessive Sweating Treatments?

Both miraDry and Botox procedures require minimal downtime. While there are some actions you should avoid, you can resume your daily routine after treatment. You may experience the following side effects:

  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Redness and bruising at the injection site
  • Numbness and tingling

These side effects are expected following treatment, especially after injections. These subside in less than two weeks and can be resolved with over-the-counter pain relievers and other home remedies.

Following your treatment, our staff can guide you through the aftercare process to minimize discomfort.

Who Are NOT Candidates For Excessive Sweating Treatments?

Patients must first schedule an initial consultation to determine if they’re suitable candidates for treatment. Patients who don’t qualify for excessive sweating treatments in OKC include those who are:

  • Taking Accutane or have taken it within the last six months
  • Pregnant, recently pregnant, or are breast-feeding
  • Patients with active skin infections, keloid scars, or excessive scar tissue

For miraDry treatments:

  • Patients with surgical scars in the underarm area
  • Patients allergic to local anesthesia

For Botox injections: 

    • Patients with neurological diseases
    • Patients taking medications that affect their neurological system
    • Patients with allergies to neurotoxins