Using Fractional Laser technology, our patient's can experience impactful results with mild downtime! Fraxel is ideal for treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, pigmentation, actinic keratosis, and melasma. The treatment targets the tissue under the skin’s surface, encouraging the growth of collagen and rapid healing of the tissues around the treated area, leading to improved tone, texture, and radiance.

Advanced Aesthetics uses our Fraxel laser to treat areas of skin on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

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What is the Fraxel Treatment Process?

Fraxel is a non-ablative treatment. This means it does not remove or destroy the outer layer of your skin to enhance the areas of concern. Instead, micro-lasers go deep into your skin’s surface, damaging tiny portions of skin, but leaving the surrounding areas intact to stimulate the production of collagen to promote healing. Fraxel uses similar technology to microneedling, however, the Fraxel laser treats these issues at a deeper level, correcting more advanced skin concerns.

Prior to the procedure we will provide our patients with a topical numbing cream which will drastically reduce the discomfort felt during the Fraxel treatment. It is very common for our Fraxel patients to use our Pro-Nox (laughing gas) pain management system during their treatment. Most patients mention after the treatment they experience an increased sensation of heat on the surface of the skin, swelling, and tenderness (similar to a mild sunburn). In the next 6-8 days following the Fraxel treatment, your skin will completely flake and peel. The total procedure time is typically an hour and half, however, it could be longer based on how many areas of the body we will be treating.


How Many Fraxel Treatments Will I Need?

Most patients start noticing brighter, healthier skin after only a single treatment, Patients typically need 2-4 treatments depending on how severe the skin concerns are presented. Most patients will receive a treatment every 6-8 weeks until desired results are achieved.

Are There Risks Involved in Fraxel Treatments?

With any laser procedure there are associated risks. It is extremely vital in the months prior and following a Fraxel laser treatment the patient strictly avoids sun exposure. It is also recommended for patients to withhold from vigorous exercise in the days following the procedure as this could cause further inflammation and swelling. 

How Much Does Fraxel Cost?

The cost of a single Fraxel treatment is based on which area we will perform on. At Advanced Aesthetics, we offer the following prices per treatment:

  • Face: $750
  • Neck: $450
  • Chest: $750
  • Arms: $1350
  • Hands: $450

Fraxel is a well-known & trusted laser that has clinically proven to achieve healthier, younger skin. Schedule your Fraxel treatment with Advanced Aesthetics today, or schedule a consultation with one of our experienced medical professionals to discuss your treatment.