Clear+Brilliant “Baby Fraxel”

Clear+Brilliant “We have nicknamed this procedure the baby fraxel.”

The Clear+Brilliant is a gentle laser that revitalizes the skin from the inside out.  The laser energy generates heat in the skin which stimulates new collagen production.  This process replaces damaged skin with healthier, more youthful looking tissue. Clear+Brilliant can improve fine lines, pore size, texture in addition to treating sun damage and melasma.

What is Clear+Brilliant used for?
C+B has a variety of uses. There are two different hand pieces. The 1440nm hand piece is used for reducing pore size, improving fine lines and improving texture. The 1927nm hand piece is used for treating pigmentation such as melasma, sun spots and other forms of sun damage.

Why would I want to do Clear+Brilliant and not the bigger Fraxel (ie Fraxel Restore)?
The C+B is less painful and has less downtime while still achieving great results. However, to get the same results as the Fraxel Restore, more treatments are required. With Fraxel Restore you can expect 3-7 days of downtime with post procedural pain/discomfort. This can only be used on skin types i-iv. It may require less treatments to achieve desired results. The options are discusses more in depth during your consolation and we take all factors into consideration when trying to decide what your best option is.

Is it painful?
The C+B is a very comfortable procedure to have done. We apply a topical anesthetic 60 minutes prior to treatment. Patients do not need to take medications prior to the procedure or have a driver transport them. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well. It feels like a sunburn for a couple of hours after the treatment is finished.

What does Clear+Brilliant target?
Depending on the hand piece used, it can target pores, fine lines, and pigmentation.

How many treatments do I need?
It is best to do at least 4 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart. Some patients may require more treatments if we are trying to target deeper wrinkles or acne scarring. We are constantly aging so it is recommended to do 1-2 treatments a year for maintenance.

Is there downtime with this procedure?
That is one of the beauties of this treatment. Downtime is very minimal with 1-2 days of swelling and redness post procedure. Your skin will feel like sand paper for 3-5 days after the treatment but it is nothing anyone else can see. It’s only something you can feel. If we are targeting pigmentation, then it can take 7-14 days for the spots to flake off.

When will I see results?
Immediate and transient results of skin firming and brightened are seen days after the treatment. New collagen synthesis takes about 8 weeks from the first treatment so best results are seen 8 weeks after your final treatment. Improvements will be seen during the process of a treatment package.

Do I have to pretreat for my darker skin?
Yes, skin types iv-vi must pretreat with hydroquinone 4% 2-4 weeks prior to their first procedure to prevent any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or “darkening of the skin.” This procedure is safe to do on all skin types.

Can I wear make up afterwards?
Yes, it is safe to wear make up after the procedure. We recommend Jane Iredale mineral make up since it is designed to be safe and non irritating for post-procedure skin.

Will I peel?
Your skin will feel like a light sunburn after the treatment. You will not peel as you would with a chemical peel but your skin may be drier than normal in the week after your treatment. All that’s necessary is the use of extra moisturizer as needed.

Can I start small because I am nervous?
Yes, we can start low and progress up during the treatment as tolerated by the patient. Because this procedure is so comfortable, we have not had issues with patients being unable to tolerate the procedure.